PT2313 IC Datasheet, Equivalent, Circuit Diagram, and Voltage

PT2313 IC Datasheet, Equivalent, Circuit Diagram, and Voltage
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The PT2313 is a versatile audio processing chip designed for various applications. Its key features include handling audio signals for four channels, digital volume adjustment, bass and treble control, balance and fader control, a loudness function, selectable input gain, and serial bus control for easy integration into audio systems. With compatibility with standard PCB layouts and potential drop-in replacement capabilities, it offers high performance, reliability, and flexibility for audio system designers, all while minimizing the need for external components.

PT2313 Manufacturer

The PT2313 audio processor chip is manufactured by Princeton Technology Corporation (PTC), a company based in Taiwan. PTC specializes in designing and manufacturing integrated circuits (ICs) for various applications, including audio processing, power management, and LED lighting control. They are known for producing high-quality semiconductor products for the global market.

PT2313 Equivalent Parts

These equivalent parts provide similar audio processing capabilities and may be suitable replacements or alternatives depending on specific application requirements and availability. However, it's always essential to review the datasheets and specifications of each part to ensure compatibility and suitability for the intended application.

TDA7313 - This is functionally compatible with the PT2313 and offers similar features for audio processing in stereo and multi-channel applications.

PT2323 - Another audio processor chip from Princeton Technology Corporation, offering similar functionality to the PT2313.

NJM2745 - This is a four-channel audio processor IC manufactured by New Japan Radio (JRC), offering features like volume control, tone control, and input/output selector.

LC75341 - A four-channel electronic volume controller IC manufactured by SANYO (now part of ON Semiconductor), designed for use in car audio systems and other audio applications.

CXA1522M - This is a four-channel electronic volume controller IC manufactured by Sony Corporation, offering similar functionality to the PT2313.

Other choice

NCP3334DADJR2G by ON Semiconductor is a low dropout linear voltage regulator. It's not directly equivalent to the PT2313; rather, it's used to regulate voltage in various electronic circuits.

LTC2351IUH-14#PBF by Analog Devices is a 14-bit, 3Msps (Mega samples per second) successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC). It's not directly comparable to the PT2313, as it serves a different function in converting analog signals to digital form.

HA17358B is a dual operational amplifier (op-amp) manufactured by Renesas Electronics. It's used for amplification and signal processing, but it doesn't have the same features as the PT2313, which is a digital audio processor.

PESD5V0S1UB is a transient voltage suppressor diode (TVS diode) manufactured by Nexperia. It's used for protecting electronic circuits from voltage spikes, serving a different function than the PT2313.

FDD3670 is a MOSFET transistor manufactured by ON Semiconductor. It's used as a switching device in electronic circuits, particularly in power management applications. It's not comparable to the PT2313 as it serves a different purpose.

PT2313 Features

The PT2313 boasts an array of features tailored for audio processing applications.

CMOS Technology: Utilizes CMOS technology, known for its low power consumption and high noise immunity.

Least External Components: Designed to minimize the need for external components, simplifying circuit design and reducing costs.

Treble and Bass Control: Allows for adjustment of treble and bass frequencies, enabling customization of audio output.

Loudness Function: Enhances bass and treble at lower volume levels to compensate for human hearing characteristics.

3 Stereo Inputs with Selectable Input Gain: Supports three stereo input channels with selectable input gain, providing flexibility for different audio sources.

Input/Output for External Noise Reduction System/Equalizer: Offers input and output connections for integrating external noise reduction systems or equalizers into the audio setup.

4 Independent Speaker Controls for Fader and Balance: Provides independent controls for adjusting fader and balance settings for up to four speakers, allowing for precise audio distribution.

Independent Mute Function: Enables muting of individual channels independently, providing control over specific audio sources.

Volume Control in 1.25 dB/step: Allows for fine-grained volume adjustment in 1.25 dB increments, ensuring precise control over audio output levels.

Low Distortion: Maintains low distortion levels to preserve audio quality and fidelity.

Low Noise and DC Stepping: Minimizes noise interference and DC stepping, ensuring clean audio signals.

Controlled by Serial Bus Micro-Processor Interface: All functions are programmable and controllable via a serial bus interface, allowing for easy integration with microprocessor-based systems.

These features collectively make the PT2313 a versatile and efficient solution for various audio processing applications, offering high performance, flexibility, and ease of integration.

PT2313 Pin Configuration

The PT2313 is typically housed in a 28-pin DIP (Dual Inline Package) or SO (Small Outline) package. Here's a basic pin configuration for the PT2313.

PT2313 Applications

The PT2313 chip finds applications in car stereo systems and hi-fi audio setups. In car stereo systems, it can be used for processing audio signals for multiple channels, controlling volume, adjusting bass and treble, balancing audio between speakers, and integrating external noise reduction systems or equalizers. Similarly, in hi-fi audio systems, it offers similar functionalities, enabling precise control over audio output and enhancing overall sound quality. Its versatility, programmability, and compatibility make it a suitable choice for both automotive and home audio applications, providing users with a seamless audio experience.

PT2313 Block Diagram

PT2313 IC Voltage

The PT2313 operates with typical voltage levels commonly found in integrated circuits.

  • Power Supply Voltage (VDD)

Typically, the PT2313 operates with a power supply voltage (VDD) in the range of 4.5V to 10V. This voltage level provides the necessary power for the chip to function properly.

  • Input/Output Voltage Levels

The input and output voltage levels of the PT2313 are typically compatible with standard logic levels for digital CMOS devices. For example, the input voltage levels for digital control signals (such as those on the serial bus interface) are likely to be compatible with TTL (Transistor-Transistor Logic) or CMOS logic levels.

  • Signal Voltage Levels

The audio input and output voltage levels of the PT2313 are typically designed to be compatible with standard audio signal levels. For example, the audio input voltage levels may be designed to accommodate typical line-level audio signals, while the output voltage levels may be designed to drive typical audio amplifiers or speakers.

Quiescent Current vs. Supply Voltage

PT2313 Package

PT2313 Application Circuit

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