AXP2101 Datasheet PDF

AXP2101 Datasheet PDF
Post Date:2024-04-10,

The AXP2101 stands as a cornerstone in power management, epitomizing X-Powers' prowess in crafting solutions tailored for contemporary portable electronics like smartphones, tablets, wearables, and assorted battery-powered marvels. With its multifaceted design, it serves as the quintessential Power Management Unit (PMU), amalgamating an array of functionalities to deftly oversee power distribution, battery charging, and sundry power-related endeavors within these devices.

AXP2101 Specification



Input Voltage Range

3.9V to 5.5V

Battery Fuel Gauge

E gauge 3.0

Linear Charger

Adjustable currents from 100mA to 1A with precision of +/-0.5%

High Battery Discharge Efficiency

Low resistance path (50 mOhm)

Power Off Current

< 20uA

DC-DC Converters (Qty)


LDOs (Qty)


Input Over-voltage Protection


Battery Thermal Sensing


Programmable Safety Timer


Die Thermal Balance Feature


TWSI and RSB Interfaces


Startup Sequences


AXP2101 Features

The AXP2101 encapsulates a gamut of power management functionalities aimed at meeting the dynamic power needs of modern portable electronic devices. Its integration of diverse power management functions, coupled with efficiency, safety, and protection features, positions it as a prime choice for designers endeavoring to finesse power consumption and prolong battery longevity in their creations.

Integrated Power Management Functions

The AXP2101's all-encompassing design integrates multiple power management functions within a solitary chip, diminishing the reliance on external components and economizing board space in electronic devices. These functions span DC-DC converters, Low Drop-Out regulators (LDOs), battery charging management, power sequencing, and auxiliary power functions.

Battery Charging Management

Foremost among its roles is the efficient management of battery charging. It boasts support for various charging modes and protocols, facilitating charging from diverse input sources such as USB, DC adapters, and wireless chargers. Noteworthy features encompass battery voltage and current monitoring, charge termination, and safety safeguards, ensuring secure and optimized battery charging.

Power Distribution and Regulation

The AXP2101 vigilantly regulates voltage levels within the device, ensuring a steadfast power supply to system components. With its suite of DC-DC converters, it adeptly modulates voltage levels as necessitated, thereby optimizing power consumption and elongating battery lifespan.

Power Sequencing and Management

Seamless power sequencing is paramount for ensuring the steadfast operation of electronic devices. The AXP2101 adeptly orchestrates power sequencing to guarantee that disparate components power up and shut down in a judicious order, mitigating issues like voltage spikes and system instability.

Low Power Modes and Efficiency

To eke out optimal power consumption, the AXP2101 proffers an array of low-power modes and features such as standby mode and power gating. These facets efficaciously curtail power consumption during idle or low-load conditions, thereby prolonging battery life in portable devices.

Safety and Protection Features

The AXP2101 incorporates an arsenal of safety features aimed at shielding both the device and the battery from perils like overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, and short-circuit conditions. These protective measures serve to forestall damage to the device while ensuring secure operation across diverse operating conditions.

AXP192 Vs AXP2101

The AXP192 and AXP2101 are both power management ICs (Integrated Circuits) manufactured by X-Powers. These ICs are commonly used in electronic devices, especially in portable devices like smartphones, tablets, and other battery-powered devices, to manage power distribution and battery charging.


The AXP192 is a highly integrated power management IC designed for applications such as smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices.

It features multiple power management functions including DC-DC converters, LDOs (Low Drop-Out regulators), battery charging management, power sequencing, and other auxiliary functions.

It supports multiple input sources for charging including USB, DC, and wireless charging.

The AXP192 offers various power management modes to optimize power consumption and battery life in different usage scenarios.


The AXP2101 is also a power management IC designed for similar applications as the AXP192.

It integrates multiple power management functions including DC-DC converters, LDOs, battery charging management, power sequencing, and additional auxiliary functions.

Like the AXP192, it supports multiple input sources for charging including USB, DC, and wireless charging.

The AXP2101 may have different specifications or features compared to the AXP192, such as improved efficiency, additional protection features, or compatibility with different battery chemistries.

In summary, both the AXP192 and AXP2101 are power management ICs designed for similar applications, but they may have differences in terms of specifications, features, and targeted applications. The choice between them would depend on the specific requirements of the device being designed and the desired balance between performance, efficiency, and cost.

In conclusion, the AXP2101 and its versatile array of features render it indispensable in managing power-related exigencies across a spectrum of electronic devices, from smartphones to wearables, and from gaming consoles to IoT contrivances. Its amalgamation of power management functions and safety features cements its status as a linchpin in the realm of modern electronics, empowering designers to craft devices that epitomize efficiency, longevity, and reliability.

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