ON Semiconductor launches seventh-generation IGBT smart power module with outstanding performance

ON Semiconductor launches seventh-generation IGBT smart power module with outstanding performance
Post Date:2024-02-28,ON Semiconductor

ON Semiconductor launches seventh-generation IGBT smart power module with outstanding performance

SPM 31 Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs) enable more efficient energy conversion and better performance for three-phase inverter drive applications

ON Semiconductor, a leader in semiconductors for smart power and sensing technologies, recently launched the 1200V SPM31 Intelligent Power Module (IPM) using new seventh-generation insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) technology. The SPM31 IPM excels in energy efficiency, size and power density compared to other leading solutions on the market, reducing overall system cost. These IPMs integrate optimized IGBTs for higher efficiency and are ideally suited for three-phase variable frequency drive applications such as heat pumps, commercial HVAC systems, industrial pumps and fans.

It is estimated that about 26% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from operating residential and commercial buildings, with indirect emissions from heating, cooling and building electricity accounting for about 18% of the total. Governments around the world are working to meet their energy and climate commitments, making energy-efficient and low-carbon solutions increasingly important.

The SPM31 IPM regulates the power flow to inverter compressors and fans in heat pump and air conditioning systems by regulating the frequency and voltage supplied to three-phase motors, thereby achieving outstanding efficiency. For example, ON Semiconductor's 25A SPM31 with FS7 technology reduces power loss by 10% and increases power density by 9% compared to the previous generation. Against the backdrop of electrification trends and demands for greater energy efficiency, these modules enable manufacturers to significantly improve the design of heating and cooling systems while increasing energy efficiency. ON Semiconductor's SPM31 IPM series products use FS7 technology to provide excellent performance, high energy efficiency, and lower energy consumption, further reducing harmful emissions around the world.

How it works:

These highly integrated modules integrate a gate driver IC, various built-in protection features and an FS7 IGBT to provide excellent thermal performance and support a wide current range from 15A to 35A. The SPM31 FS7 IGBT IPM's ultra-high power density makes it an ideal solution to save assembly space, increase performance expectations and reduce development time. In addition, the SPM31 IPM offers the following benefits:

Gate drive and protection control
Low loss, short circuit resistant IGBT
Each phase has an IGBT half-bridge with negative terminal, supporting various control algorithms
Built-in undervoltage protection (UVP)
Built-in bootstrap diode and resistor
Built-in high-speed and high-voltage integrated circuit
Single ground reference supply

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