What is Audio Special Purpose ICs and its function?

What is Audio Special Purpose ICs and its function?
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What is Audio Special Purpose ICs?

Audio special purpose ICs, or integrated circuits, are electronic components designed specifically for audio applications. These ICs handle various functions in audio systems such as amplification, filtering, equalization, mixing, and signal processing. They are essential in enhancing the audio quality and performance in various devices like headphones, speakers, microphones, and amplifiers. Examples include audio amplifiers, codecs, digital signal processors (DSPs), and voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) used in synthesizers.
Audio Special Purpose ICs

What are the categories of audio integrated circuits?

Audio special purpose IC is mainly to increase the function of voice broadcasting on the product, that is, to play the sound out. Widely used in a variety of electronic equipment such as small home appliance key voice, fingerprint lock prompt sound broadcast, security alarm reminder, truck report "left turn, please pay attention" and so on. Audio specific ICs can be divided into several categories based on their functions and applications. Here are some common categories:
Sort by output mode
According to the output mode of audio special IC is divided into two categories, one is PWM output mode, the other is DAC output mode. The PWM output volume is not continuous, the enable is adjustable, and the ordinary power amplifier cannot be connected. At present, most voice chips on the market are PWM output mode. The other is a DAC amplified by an internal EQ, the sound of this audio IC is continuously tunable, can be adjusted by digital control, and can be connected to an external power amplifier.
Classified by manufacturing method
It can be divided into mask production and OTP production. In popular terms, mask production is to first burn the sound into the chip, and then package, generally have a number of requirements. OTP stands for one-time programming. Complete the packaging process and then program the sound using software.
Classification by specific function
OTP one-time programming audio chips, mostly SOP8 package IC chips, such as: WTN6 series OTP audio chips.
Built-in Flash repeatable audio ic, unlike the traditional OTP chip, the built-in Flash audio chip can erase and replace the voice content at will in the later stage.
MP3 audio chip, it supports MP3 decoding.
Recording chip can be used for recording toys, recording pens, recording boxes and other products that require recording functions, and the development of such products will use the recording chip.

What Are the Functions of Audio Special Purpose ICs?

Audio special purpose ICs have various functions in audio systems, each with its own characteristics, we have listing as following:
1. The main function of the audio integrated circuit is to amplify the low power audio signal enough power to drive a speaker or other audio device. It is able to provide enough power output to amplify and enhance the sound in the speaker.
2. Audio ics usually have multiple inputs and outputs channels support different sound sources and sound layouts. It can receive input signals from various audio devices and send amplified output signals to speakers or other audio devices.
3. Audio integrated circuits can also provide some audio processing functions, such as volume control, tone adjustment and equalizer. These features can be adjusted according to user needs for better sound quality and sound effects.
4. It usually also has some protection mechanism to prevent damage to the circuit and speaker. These protection mechanisms include overcurrent protection, overheat protection and short circuit protection to ensure the safe operation of the sound system.

Where can We use Audio Special Purpose ICs?

The functions and characteristics of audio ics vary according to its specific type and application, and each IC is designed to meet the requirements of different audio devices and environments. With the development of audio electronic technologies, they have been widely used in various industries and devices due to their ability to effectively perform specific audio-related functions. Here are some common applications for audio ics:
1. Consumer electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, televisions, home theater systems, and portable audio players for tasks.
2. Automotive systems, such as in-vehicle entertainment systems, navigation systems, hands-free calling systems, and driver assistance systems for functions such as audio playback, amplification, noise cancellation, and speech recognition.
3. Recording audio equipment, such as microphones, studio monitors, audio interfaces and signal processors.
4. Instruments: Synthesizers, electronic keyboards, electronic drums, guitar amplifiers, and effects pedals rely on audio-ics to produce sound.
5. Medical equipment used in hospitals, such as hearing AIDS, ultrasound machines, patient monitoring systems, medical imaging equipment, etc.

These are just a few examples of the various applications where audio-special purpose ics play a key role in enabling audio functionality and enhancing the user experience. Overall, it plays a vital role in enabling audio capabilities and enhancing the user experience across a variety of applications and industries. Their versatility and high efficiency make them an indispensable component in modern audio systems and devices.

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